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World Class Crews

About Kudu’s World Class Crew Chiefs and Installers…

Kudu Roofing’s relentless efforts to be the best at what we do, has enabled us to elevate the quality of roofing in the Colorado’s residential, commercial and new construction marketplace. We hire our own, full-time, dedicated, W-2 crews, provide them with the highest rated products, and back them with our seamless support processes, and customer-driven service. All of our crews are OSHA trained and maintaining a safe site is always paramount.  Kudu continues to place great emphasis on finding, hiring and empowering the right people. And, to make sure we exceed your expectations, we don’t stop there… until our client is happy, no matter what type of job.

Kudu’s crew leaders are not just roofers, they are, in their own right, highly trained master roofing designers and installers, each with advanced training in specific areas of roofing materials and construction, including extensive OSHA Training. All are well versed on industry standards, on the latest in state-of-the-art roofing solutions, and on what works best for each type of property. Based upon the needs of each individual property Kudu’s roofing crews tailor their exemplary talent and training, to meet each project’s needs.

At the end of the day, the “Kudu Difference” is centered on exploring every method possible to provide each residential, commercial and new builder roofing customer with the highest quality work as well as the best long-term value for your investment. And, because we are honored to be “your” expert, we will take ownership and responsibility for the quality of our work, down to the last impeccable detail.