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Welcome to Kudu Roofing

Roofing Solutions That Exceed Expectations

In its simplest form, a roof protects property, people and possessions. Taken to the next level, a world class, impeccably installed, meticulously trimmed roof, also contributes to the quality, beauty, architectural aesthetics and long-term value of any property. Nearly a decade ago, Kudu Roofing’s founders began with the humble philosophy of providing all of this to every roofing buyer, whether it is a simple residential, or commercial roof replacement, or a sprawling new construction project. Kudu’s internationally acclaimed quality, is only surpassed by our unprecedented customer service and our unusual attention to the most finite details.

From its inception, Kudu Roofing’s unwavering mission, has been to do a visibly better job in all aspects of roofing construction and to provide extraordinary service, down to the smallest detail. In order to accomplish our lofty goals, we completely retooled the usual roofing contractor business model, from the top down. This is just one of the reasons that Kudu is well entrenched amongst the top tiers of roofing construction companies in Colorado.