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Slate Shingles

Slate is the most natural looking roofing materials utilized today, with a history of being a staple roofing system for centuries. Slate roofs are durable and handsome, as well as having one of the lowest water absorption indexes of all materials. It is well known for its ability to resist the assaults of rain wind and snow, as well as highly resistant to frost damage.

Because Slate Tile is a roofing solution fabricated from natural materials, no two pieces are ever exactly alike. Property owners can choose from a random pattern, utilizing different weights and thicknesses, or a more standard installation style which is more uniform. Because of Colorado’s severe, unique weather changes, Kudu only installs the recommended slate, which is rated ASTM Grade S1.

Slate has varying characteristics, based upon the area from where it is mined. Kudu utilizes only the highest quality Vermont, Evergreen and Camara Slate.