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Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are amongst the most artistic and attractive roofing options. Extremely durable, metal roofing can be made of aluminum (selected by decimal thickness), steel (specified by gauge), copper or lead, and can be customized to compliment highly unique architectural designs. Especially coveted by those with heirloom properties and those located in communities of high historical significance, metal roofing is the ideal choice to maintain the distinctive aesthetics of these communities.

Distinct advantages to selecting a metal roof installation, include:

    • A life-expectancy of up to 100 years
    • High resistance to fire
    • Less weight on aging structures
    • High energy efficiency

In addition to impeccable metal roofing installation, Kudu has also developed a strong niche in Copper roofing, gutters and fascia trim. Chosen for its timeless natural beauty and durability, copper is a light, durable, energy efficient and long-lasting.