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Damaged Roof

Assessing Roof Damage

Time, wild fires and catastrophic weather are the three most common reasons for damage to the structural integrity of Colorado roofs. In a June, 2012 report on Denver’s 9 News, The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association is quoted as saying, “…eight of the ten most costly catastrophes in Colorado history involve hail, wind and tornado damage.” ( With the size of today’s real estate investment, and the very real potential for additional weather damage at any time, Colorado property owners are encouraged to take a proactive role in keeping close watch on the real estate’s overall condition. Hidden or undiscovered damage can quietly sabotage the property’s structural integrity, interior, contents, equity, and marketability.

Kudu Roofing experts are proud to offer a free roofing inspection service, just as soon as the severe weather subsides, allowing safe access to the roof. If roof damage has occurred, Kudu makes sure property owners are well aware of the condition and the short and long term options for correcting the situation. Should the damage be as a direct result of a catastrophic weather event, Kudu will then assist in seamlessly navigating the insurance process.