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About Us

About Kudu Roofing

Founded by The Mumford Family, native to South Africa, Kudu Roofing gets its name from the majestic, African Kudu Antelope. Known for being one of the most peaceful rulers in the animal kingdom, Kudus are strong, protective of their own, and highly competitive, with some reaching top speeds of 60 miles per hour. Stealth, protective, harmonious, and a competitive winner are all traits congruent with Kudu’s commitment to exceed expectations.

Kudu Roofing was founded right here in Colorado and no roofing company, regardless of how many years in business, has deeper roots. With humble respect for our local homeowners, commercial property owners, and a burning desire to make a difference in the new construction marketplace, Kudu’s loyal employees, associates and partners put their best foot forward every day. In fact, no local roofing company takes more pride in honoring their Rocky Mountain Roots, than does Kudu! It is our strong ties to the local community that drives every member of Kudu’s team to always do our best, while consistently working to please our customers beyond their expectations!